Yugakure (湯隠れの里, Yugakure no Sato, Literally Meaning "Village Hidden in Hot Water") is a Hidden Village residing within the Land of Hot Water. Unlike other Hidden Villages, it is not a Hidden Ninja village - instead, it is named so in tribute to the many ninja that died during the Warring Clans Period of it's neighboring land; the Land of Fire. Of course, some also say that it's named so as a way to bring shinobi in and drum up business.

Background Edit

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Things of Note Edit

  • Yuga Market, one the biggest and most famous markets in the entire world.
  • The village itself is a pacifist village and therefore has no military force aside from local police.
  • Yuga Hot Springs, the world famous hot springs that have brought ninja in for years. Rumor has it that they speed the recovery of any and all wounds.
  • Hitori Territory, a strange, lesser known area characterized by hot springs and sulfur fields. Named for the clan that resides within its borders.

Previous Events Edit

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