Set in a world full of cautionary tales and crazy stories, each and every chapter adds to the never-ending story that is NarutoSekaiRP.

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Main Story Edit

The Festival of Founding Edit

The 2nd Annual 'Festival of Founding' was held in Konohagakure to mark the finished construction of the Hidden Leaf Village just 2 years prior. The village is attacked by Kirigakure (The Hidden Mist Village) and the assault is promptly pushed back by the Genin of Konohagakure, forcing the enemy ninja to retreat. Read More..

Side Story Edit

Pawns For Hire Edit

Murders are happening all over Konoha, a Hayashi is kidnapped, and a random mission poster is found for any participants to get to enjoy being an honorary ANBU agent for a day... Too bad it was all a set up so the killers would take the excited genin up as the offered bait that they were. Fortunately these genin were competent and still came out on top.

Cuter Side of Death

Otterkin were under attack by an ancient enemy, The Naga. Guran Sarutobi lead the expedition to the village and found his long lost friend and chief of the village, Nemo. As soon as they arrived, the village came under the attack of the Naga. They were beaten back and with the urging of Nemo, the team defeated the Naga forces once in for all after a raid on their hive.