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  • The streets of Konohagakure

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The 2nd Annual 'Festival of Founding' was held in Konohagakure to mark the finished construction of the Hidden Leaf Village just 2 years prior. After the making a speech, the Hokage and the Jonin of the village return to the Kage building to prepare for the coming parade.

During the festival, however, an unknown Ninja Village attacks Konoha, killing many of it's citizens and sealing the Jonin and Hokage inside the Kage building with a barrier. During this time, the Genin of Konoha rally together to push back the threat that is now revealed to be the Hidden Mist Village who attacked with the help of a traitorous Konoha Jonin, Chujo Kizurashi.

Shisai Kami would fight the incredibly powerful Hyououin Udaan of the Mist; Itame Uchiha and Shinzo Nara would fight "The Drowned Shinobi" and Aomine Iburi and Hayashi Kaze would fight Chujo Kizurashi. Despite being no match for Chujo, the Leaf Genin manage to break the barrier sealing the Kage building, freeing the Jonin inside.

Once the seal of the barrier had been broken, the Jonin of Konoha manage to repel the attackers with ease. In an act of pure rage, Kazama Hero; the Hokage makes an example of Chujo Kizurashi in front of Kirigakure by killing him in a single attack.

Retreating after seeing this, most of the Mist ninja escaped including Udaan and "The Drowned Shinobi".

The Genin of the village are highly praised and rewarded for their efforts. Following the event, Genin are organised into teams under the guidance of Jonin Instructors to further their experience as shinobi.