Takigakure (滝隠れの里, Takigakure no Sato, Literally meaning: Village Hidden by Waterfalls) is a village located in the Land of Waterfalls. Compared to the Five-Great Hidden Villages, it is relatively small in size.

The village itself is built into the large crevice of a mountain, from which countless waterfalls run. Most everything seems to follow an Ancient Chinese kind of style, with nearly all building being made of wood and paper.

A rather strict tradition in Takigakure, all civilians and guests must wear Kimono's or Yukata. The only exception is that of any Takigakure military personnel, who must always wear uniform.

Despite it's relatively low military power and average economy, Takigakure's population is rather large, bordering on over population, for a village of it's size.

Background Edit

Takigakure was originally built a few years before that of Konohagakure, however it was not until recently that it became a Ninja Village. Previously known simply as Taki no Sato (滝の里, Literally meaning: Village of Waterfalls), Takigakure became a Ninja Village following the establishment of Konohagakure.

Following it's inception as Takigakure, the village has almost completely cut itself off from any and all outside contact, sending only skilled ninja out on missions.

Things of Note Edit

  • Surrounded by a number of large waterfalls - the water of which is believe to possess unique healing properties.
  • Takigakure does not have a Kage, but rather village elders, whom govern the village instead.
  • Home to a special kind of material known as Takimoku, a kind of wood harvested from the special trees native to the Land of Waterfalls. The wood has the unique property of being much lighter than, but equally as durable as Iron. Unfortunately, it's still susceptible to fire.

Noteworthy NPC's Edit

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