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  • Konoha and surrounding territory

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Our story starts with a lone Hayashi being brutally assaulted by an ANBU agent. The fight is finished as quickly as ot starts and the kid is dragged to a hidden location where he is soon interrogated. The agent wants to know who is responsible for multiple murders in Konoha that involved the deceased missing key body parts. It is soon proven that the Hayashi is innocent, but being the crazed bitch that the agent is, she leaves him to suffer and goes right to Plan B.

She puts up a mission poster to participate in being an ANBU agent for a day but the reality of it all is a setup for three members of this farce to be bait for the murderers. As soon as teams are made. The three marked genin are made captains and fitted (unbeknownst to them) with tracking devices be fire being sent to three possible hunting grounds for the murderers.

Two of the groups fail on keeping their team leaders from capture and one group goes off the beaten path and out of dumb luck manage to come across the captured Hayashi and rescue him from the now insane ANBU agent after a prolonged fight.

Beaten and weary, our heroes regroup and are now told the full scope of what they've gotten into. They are tasked with finding the lair of the two murderers and helping another trio of agents to help end this madness.... but the plan fails as soon as they reach the hideout as two of the three agents fall to their deaths, leaving our genin to once again fend for themselves.

During all this, the two captured genin wake up in seperate cells and manage to evade capture from one of the murderers. Through brain, brawn, and skill, they take down one abd manage to regroup with the main force just as they're putting the finishing strikes into the main boss.

In the end it is revealed that the murderers were just pawns themselves, brainwashed nin from the Mist. The real culprit was still running loose in the shadows.