Shikirama is an athletic 16 years old boy. He has a rather slim not very buff body. He has an average height but due to his weight he seems tall.

One of his most remarkable facial features are without a doubt his eyes. He was born with hetero chromatic, having the left eye kinda yellow and the right rather red.

Another remarkable feature is his hair. Red as if he was an Uzumaki. He likes to leave it hanging a little above his shoulders.

Personality Edit

Shikirama is the simplest yet the most complex human being to ever live. He knows when to shut up and when to speak, but he's a rather observer kid. He has some weaknesses, like everyone else, but his weak point is his love for the world and the people who live in it. He believes and lives by the phrase "Peace and love", but with time he starts to understand that nothing is as gay as he thought it would. Losing his innocence was one of the moments who marked him the most, in a rather positive way. Without the perfect world dream he was living until not so long time ago, Shikirama gain the ability to become cold when needed, making him a good decision maker, but he kept his sweet and loving side making of him a very sensitive soul. Shikirama isn't someone that hides behind a cold and heartless mask however it takes some time to him to truly trust someone. He's a boy who prefers having five good friends to twenty buddies. He always keeps it as real and simple as it can get and dislikes people who play a role but, due to his hugely open mind, he can change his opinion as he knows better the person.

Background Edit

Where does you shinobi come from? What clan and what history does the clan have? What did your character do Before he/she became a genin? Was he trained by his parents or did she walk around the Woods and look for flowers? We want to know the backstory and the reason why your character decided to become a shinobi.

Combat Style Edit

Shikirama isn't someone that rushs into the enemy looking for trade of strikes that most surely he won't win, instead he likes to use quick and precise movements in order to finish the fight as soon as possible. When direct combat can't be avoid, Shikirama likes to wait, using his speed to dodge as much harm as he can, and counter strike at the right moment.


Body Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Strength 0.5
Speed 1.5
Mind 1.5
Chakra 0.5


Total 5

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 1
Ninjutsu 1.5


Total 2.5

Items Edit

Ryo: _ Ryo

Kunai (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Shuriken (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Iron Katana : A standard ninja katana made from iron.