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  • A valley in the konoha forrest.

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Nezia a konoha interrogator goes rouge after he gets some undisclosed disturbing information. A mission is posted in which various genins are required to go and hunt him down through what is described as portals that lead to alterante dimensions.

At the reunion point (a small patch of forest near konoha) the ninja gather and recive instructions from an strange man that wears a samurai outfit, the man tells them to reach the portal hub and separate into the different portals as to find Nezia, once they do they find themselves in various environments ranging from active volcanoes, mazes, the seafloor and konoha`s academy. Each shinobi faces a different threat usually represented by unbeatable monsters, after struggling some deduce they were on a genjutsu and released it, just to find themselves back at the hub and re enter other portals to help their teammates.

At the end everyone gathers at the original location to confront the samurai, that was actually Nezia in disguise, but before they are able to catch him he vanishes with no trail behind.