Personality Edit

Paddo and Chairomaru have similar personalities. Both are quiet and reserved. They rarely express their emotions even when angry.

Background Edit

Paddo was already well known within his clan as a dedicated and strong ninja having started his career as the war was ending and Konoha was started. He seemed to be a well-balanced ninja showing skill in not only the three styles of jutsu, but also in ninken training. The ending of the war, construction of Konoha, and moving kept his family rather busy leading to a bit of a gap between him and his younger siblings. Paddo and Chairomaru have served in various divisions when their skill is needed, most recently haven served in the Konoha Military Police Force. The currently weakened force has led to them being called up to serve as Jonin Instructors.


Combat Style Edit

Like most Inuzuka clan members, Paddo’s fighting style involves working in unison with his ninken partner. Instead of focusing on combination transformations, Paddo and Chairomaru use their chakra natures to whip up a sandstorm to obscure their attacks. Combining this with genjutsu and chakra enhanced senses, the two are able to sense their enemies while obscuring their own presence.

Paddo is always attempting to teach his students to not only train all of one’s senses, but to also question what their senses tell them. He accomplishes this with blinding sandstorms and sound based genjutsu.


Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 5
Ninjutsu 4


Total 12

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