How do missions work?Edit

Well missions in Naruto Sekai are much like the missions seen in the Naruto series. There are different ranks and different difficulty on them. There will be threads with missions available and the least amount of required people is two per mission. It says in the mission how many people you need. So make a post about taking the mission and wait for someone to join you.

D-rank: Missions inside the village with basic problems that normal people need help with or they are just too lazy to do it themselves. Low combat in missions or none at all.

C-rank: Missions outside the village or harder things inside. Protection missions, guarding aswell as delivery missions outside the village. Combat may happen.

B-rank: Intel gathering, investigation and more strategy needed when doing these kind of missions. Harder deliveries and missions that might require you to visit another land or village. Combat isn't a must here but high chance it will encounter in the mission.

A-rank: Really hard missions. Only the elites within the village do these missions. They can be war related, assassination missions or missions with high politic cause.

S-rank: Missions only for the top elite. Like A-rank but harder.


The ranks in missions very depending on how difficult a mission is. But harder missions results in greater rewards but might be longer to finish. Here are the missions ranks available for each ninja rank.

Genin: D & C

Chuunin: C & B

Jonin: B, A & S

ANBU: A & S + special ANBU missions.


Here are the rewards for each mission rank.

D-Rank: Max 10 Tech and 10 body + 500 ryo

C-Rank: Max 20 Tech and 20 body + 2500 ryo

The rest will be worked on when higher ranks are gained within the RP