Oherwise known as Might Kai, 19, ultimate badass who can't do anything


How does your character act? Is he a happy shinobi or is she a Cold and quiet one? How does your character work with others? Any favorite food or something your character likes? Try to describe as much as you can so others can understand what kind of personality your shinobi has.


What does your character look like? Describe physical appearance aswell as clothing in this section. Try to be as detailed as you can. Describe colours, length and if there are any symbols or something on the clothing.

Post a Picture of your character here if you want.

== Combat Style ==

What style of fighting does your shinobi prefer? Is he a powerhouse like choji or a ninjutsu user like Kakashi? Try to describe your characters combat style as well as you can.

==Technique Stats==

Technique stats determines how good you are at certain ways of fighting. You will get better ranks at techniques when you put more Points into a certain stat. You have 30 Points to spend on these stats when create your shinobi. If your character is a weapon user you should put Points into Taijutsu to increase their knowledge of kenjutsu

0-50 Points - D-rank techniques

50-100 C-rank

100-150 B-rank

150-200 - A-rank

200+ - S-rank





Total: 30

==Body Stats==

Body stats measures you characters combat ability. How well your character is doing at certain things. You might want to focus in Strength or be a hybrid and put equal amount of Points in the stats. You have 50 Points to spend on these stats.


Strength: Measures how hard you hit and how well you can take a physical hit.

Speed: Measures your speed and sbility to dodge

Mind: Measure reaction time and genjutsu resistance aswell as intelligence.

Chakra: Measures your chakra pool and stamina during fights. Can use techniques more often.

Control: Measures how well you Control your chakra. Important for Medical nins. Your jutsu will only reach full potential with Control. A shinobi with great chakra pool but poor Control will have weaker techniques even if technique Points are high.

Total: 50

== Items ==

Here you will fill in your characters items. You don't edit this part unless you have a weapon. Kunais and Shurikens are already counted.

Smoke bomb(5): A bomb that lets it smoke when it explodes. Good for escaping and hiding.

Weapon: (Optional)

Ryo: 0


Here you will write down what techniques your character know. You don't need to type down the three basic ones. At first you won't have any elemental techniques so start of with taijutsu techniques or clan techniques.

Technique Name (Type): Description.