Mōichido Freska
Name Freska
Reddit Username Unknown
Nickname n/a
Gender Female
Age 26
Status Alive
Height 179cm
Weight 87kg
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan None
Family Unknown
Ninja Rank Jonin
Classification S-Class
Team n/a
Occupation ANBU (Former), Jonin Instructor
Nature Type(s) Iron Release

Earth Release

Wind Release

Lightning Release

Yin Release

Personality Edit

Cocky, arrogant, aggressive loud and almost child-like at times, Freska is the kind of woman that you would call a tomboy. She spends most of her time sleeping and usually turns up to missions tired, literally oversleeping. She complains frequently, usually about back pains, and is rarely found without a cigarette in hand.

Despite these drawbacks, Freska is incredibly intelligent, especially so when under pressure, and is capable of making quick decisions at the right time. The way to her heart is always money.

She seems to have some kind of running feud with Natsumi Uchiha, having been described as the "Fire to Natsumi's ice" - though it is unclear why.

Background Edit


Mōichido Freska, ANBU Operative

Freska lost her family during the warring clans period leaving her on her own. When the Hidden Leaf village began it's construction, her talents were recognised and she was appointed as a personal guard for Kazama Satori. Following his death, she became part of a specialized task force under the control of his son, Kazama Hero - this task force would later become known as the ANBU Black Ops.

After the second annual Festival of Founding, following the attack on the village and Kazama Hero's dismissal as Hokage, Mōichido Freska was appointed as a Jonin Instructor for Genin fresh out of the academy. While she neither enjoys nor understands why she was given the role, she follows the First Hokage's orders.

At some point or another, her Earth Style chakra nature was genetically enhanced, giving her access to a rare Kekkai Genkai known as Iron Release. The information on how this came to be is considered to be highly classified.

Combat Style Edit

Considered to be the only other Jonin instructor on par with Natsumi Uchiha, as a former ANBU Operative Freska is well rounded in all areas - she is, however, exceptionally gifted in Ninjutsu.

Her bio-engineered Iron Release Kekkai Genkai allows her to manipulate the particles of earth inside of any Iron object and therefore alter it's shape, size or properties at will. However she cannot simply create Iron from nothing.

Her Taijutsu and Shurikenjutsu are among some of the most impressive in the village.


Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 4
Ninjutsu 4.5


Total 12.5

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