Appearance Edit

A tall black man with grey hair. His hair styled slicked back but still a bit messy on the sides. A goatee with a pair of piercings at the outer side of both eyes. A strong jaw and rigid nose. His band worn around his neck but the plate is facing the back of his neck. With a large jacket worn open with thick bracers bracelets around his wrists. Shorts to show off his rocking calves to the world. A waistband made of leather with two overall straps. With a band holster ingot up his blade on his back.


Personality Edit

Deep voiced man simply wanting one thing, that being power. The name of his clan was dear to his ancestors so he will accept their burden and revive the name of the clan. Instead of focusing on increasing in numbers he wants to focus on quality so will constantly critique his brethren on anything they do. Has no friends only brothers and sisters through the ritual of blood siblings. Slightly arrogant when facing off someone who appears weak to him.  Has no much care for world possessions that don’t make him stronger.

Background Edit

Ken Masaru is a man who within the 6 remaining “Name Bearers” made a pact to traverse the world in an attempt to revitalize the name for their blood honor. Each having distinct markings that show off their style since birth. Splitting from the 6 he traveled far across the ocean leaving the luck of fate to choose his new found land. Running across the ocean with his eyes closed until he had been stopped by anything in his way. Crashing into a massive stone pointing out of the water looking for the nearest land he walked for it. Winding up at the Country of Fire, despite believing there would be a lack of work here for him it was what destiny had chosen. Walking far into the country he ended up in the Village Konohagakure. Taking shelter here he opened his eyes to the option.

Combat Style Edit

Uses a Double Handed Jagged blade to tear shreds into the people he fights. Does not resort to ninjutsu often primarily focuses on taijutsu with his blade infusing all chakra possible to enhance his power. Not much of a strategist but more of a rush in and fight type. Will use any tactic that comes to mind to get the advantage even if it is underhanded.

Stats Edit

Body Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Strength 23 1.5
Speed 25 1.5
Mind 5 0.5
Chakra 23 1.5
Control 10 1.0
Total 84 6.0

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 1.5
Ninjutsu 1.5
Genjutsu 0.0
Total 1.5

Inventory Edit

Ryo 10,800 Ryo
Item Quantity Description
'Iron'JaggedBladew/ Chain 1 A Massive two handed "Jagged" blade with "teeth" along it's length meant for tearing into people not so much fine cutting. A chain attached to the hilt extends 2.5 meters.
Thunder Gun 1 A single armguard that covers the forearm. It has a tigger mounted on the front that activates when the user punches something. Upon firing, the mechanism releases a small amount of volatile gunpowder which ignites instantly, creating an exploding-punch attack. It's as strong as Steel.
The Judas Priest 1 A variation of the Fuma Shuriken, gold in color, it supposedly conducts electricity extremely well. It's as strong as steel. Occasionally, it will deliver a powerful static shock upon contact, numbing the affected area temporarily.