Jiban is the son of two high ranking members of the Inuzuka clan so people have always expected a lot from him, he didn’t live up to these expectations. That is until he turned ten. On his tenth birthday he was taken to see the most important people in the clan, even more important than his parents, the breeders. The pack alpha’s mate had given birth that morning and it was time for Jiban to pick his partner. Without hesitating he pointed to the smallest pup who was away from all the other pups. They explained that one was to small and wouldn’t survive through the winter but Jiban insisted and his father allowed him to take care of him. Jiban named him Hiro and took the mother’s place of protecting and caring for him. He held him close to keep him warm and bottle fed him until he was big enough to eat kibble. Then Jiban and Hiro began training in the Inuzuka clan’s ancient techniques. They outshined all the other pairs because they brought out the best in eachother. Caring for Hiro had helped Jiban find an inner strength that he didn’t know he had, and Hiro had taken the chance Jiban gave him and made the most of him. In the same year the two met Jiban and Hiro took the academy graduation exam and passed.


When he's not with Hiro Jiban is very nervous and shy. When the two are together, which they almost always are, he's high energy, social and happy.

Hiro is full of energy and loves to play. Whenever he isn't playing he's sleeping in Jiban's shirt.

The two have many things in common. Their favorite activity is going on walks with their partner. Their favorite food is beef ribs, on the bone.


Jiban: Medium length spiky dark hair. A red fang tattoo on both cheeks. Tan skin. Wears his forehead protector on his forehead, a dark gray T-shirt and black pants.

Hiro: A small dog (size of Akamaru Pre-Timeskip) with buttoned ears and several fur colors. His ears are black, his face and most of his body are a dark tan and his under belly and paws are white.

Combat Style Edit

Jiban uses the Inuzuka clan's signature hit and run fighting style, hitting his opponent and then creating distance between them. He and Hiro usually take turns attacking.

Technique StatsEdit

Taijutsu: 22

Ninjutsu: 20

Genjutsu: 0

Total: 35

Body Stats Edit

Strength: 14

Speed: 15

Mind: 12

Chakra: 11

Control: 10

Total: 62

Items Edit

10 Kunai

10 Shuriken

5 Smoke Bombs

Ryo: 1750


On All Fours Technique (Ninjutsu | D-Rank): Boosts reflexes, combat instincts and the sense of smell by covering the body in a small amount of chakra.

Man Beast Clone (Ninjutsu | D-Rank): Hiro transforms into Jiban.

Tsuga (Taijutsu | D-Rank): Spins at high speeds, if it hits an opponent the user claws and bites them.