Jaichi Senju
Blue hair profile
Name Jaichi Senju
Reddit Username Euph0
Nickname n/a
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Height 5' 11"
Weight 195
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Senju
Family Senju
Ninja Rank Genin
Classification D-Class
Team n/a
Occupation n/a
Nature Type(s) n/a

Personality Edit

Jaichi is calm and collected, to point that he even comes off as cold sometimes. Most times he would rather not be involved in any kind of drama, but it's also because he prefers to not reveal his thoughts. Most times Jaichi can be found napping in a tree, or in fields of grass. Often times, Jaichi is never found when someone wants to find him. However, for anyone that knew Jaichi well enough, could more than likely find him at Hayashi Ichiban, his favorite restaurant. Any chance he can Jaichi will grab a plate of Gyoza and he never left a single one on the plate. Jaichi doesn't mind casual conversation with people, but does not like huge crowds. Unfortunately due to his quiet nature many people are fond of talking to him about anything going on in their lives, much to Jaichi's discomfort.

Background Edit

Jaichi was born as the last child of three. His brothers, Renjai and

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Jaichi - Work outfit

Benli, were much older than him, having already left the village to explore lands beyond the map by the time he was six. Their parents perished only half a year later during a house robbery. His brothers being unreachable, and parents gone, Jaichi grew up with his uncle, Naijin. Naijin has no ninja skills, and constantly encouraged Jaichi to become a shinobi to lead a better life. Jaichi used to think it was too much work until one day, at the age of 16, he decided once and for all that he would become a shinobi. If only to stop his uncle's constant nagging.

Now that Jaichi is a Genin, he has a new-found will to become a better ninja and spends time in the dead of night reading up on Ninjutsu. At other times during the day when he is out wandering the forest, he practices his Taijutsu, although he would never admit to either of them. People often ask Jaichi if he would ever avenge his parents but, being a realist, he never thinks that he would actually find out who did it and therefore has no real plans of revenge.

Combat Style Edit

To be put simply, Jaichi will do just about anything in his power to keep the enemy at a distance. Even going so far to use Dynamic Entry, his only Taijutsu, to keep someone from getting close to him. Jaichi uses his Fuma Shuriken religiously, using it at a primary damage dealer. Jaichi likes using the Ninjutsu Technique "Manipulated Shuriken" to help guide it even better.


Body Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Strength 15 1.5
Speed 7 0.5
Mind 5 0.5
Chakra 13 1



Total 50 4.5

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Taijutsu 6 0
Ninjutsu 24 1.5



Total 30 1.5

Items Edit

Ryo: 1000 Ryo

Kunai (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Shuriken (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Fuma Shuriken (1): A large, four-bladed shuriken possessing pre-eminent sharpness and lethality.