Idnina is physically a young short teenage girl. She has long, braided blond hair, with an antennae, that is tied at the end by a navy blue hair ribbon, and large white eyes that are indicators of her Hyuga heritage. 

Personality Edit

Idnina comes off as emotionless but in all actuality, her emotions are just very subdued. Someone who gets to know her and spends a significant amount of time with her would most likely develop an aptitude for determining which emotion she wants to convey when she speaks. This leads to Idnina coming across differently depending on how people choose to read her, some may see her as a strict, no-nonsense girl while others look at her as a girl with a dry-witted sense of humor.

Background Edit

Found all alone at an extremely young age by a woman skilled in the practices of an escort known only by the name of Miss Sugo, Idnina was taken to the Hidden Leaf after being identified as a child of Hyuga decent. When none of the Hyuga knew anything about a missing child, Miss Sugo stepped up and adopted the child as her own. Despite not being raised by the ideal example for a growing young girl, Idnina turned out to be an intelligent young adult.

Her trouble with expressing her emotions ended up isolating her from most people her age and she instead relegated herself to handling her mothers money due to her above average number sense. Miss Sugo's predilection towards partying, drinking and bringing home the occasional man home was all possible due to Idnina budgeting their expenses perfectly.

Her interests grew to include the going ons of Shinobi however, as she had witnessed a ninja in action and the sight intrigued her. This had helped her to realize her latent talent in the realm of shurikenjutsu due to her ability to do on the fly calculation in addition to the abilities granted to her by her Hyuga heritage in the form of the Byakugan

Abilities Edit

Byakugan Edit



Body Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Strength 10 1
Speed 10 1
Mind 10 1
Chakra 10 1



Total 50 5

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Taijutsu 30 1.5
Ninjutsu 0 0.0



Total 30 1.5

Items Edit

Item Description Quantity
Ryo The currency of the world. 1000 Ryo
Kunai (Iron) A black dagger with a handle wrapped in bandages and a small ring attached to the end of it.
Shuriken (Iron) Sharpened, four-pronged metal star, useful for throwing.

Plot Edit

Coming Soon

Trivia Edit

  • The name “Idnina" is the Macedonian word for future, given to Idnina due to Miss Sugo being drunk on the night that she adopted the young girl as a form of celebration.
  • Idnina will enjoy any food that is mixed with Peanut Butter, she often enjoys entire jars of Peanut Butter by itself.