Name Unknown
Reddit Username Unknown
Nickname n/a
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Uknown
Family Unknown
Ninja Rank Genin
Classification D-Class
Team n/a
Occupation n/a
Nature Type(s) Unknown

Personality Edit

How does your character act? Is he a happy shinobi or is she a cold and quiet one? How does your character work with others? Any favorite food or something your character likes? Try to describe as much as you can so others can understand what kind of personality your shinobi has.

Background Edit

A recluse, even by Aburame standards, he likes to spend his days buying fruit and bits of jerky for his pets.  He used to be a wandering mercenary, living by a very strict code of “fend for yourself, provide for the team, or die” but those days are gone and that mentality has softened somewhat, having a kid or two will do that to you.  

Now he spends his time policing the village and helping train the newest generation.  He wants the newest dogs of war to learn from his past and possible be more laid back than he was in his younger years.


Body Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Strength 2.5
Speed 2.5
Mind 3.5
Chakra 3.5



Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 2.5
Ninjutsu 3.5


Total 0

Items Edit

Ryo: 1000 Ryo

Kunai (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Shuriken (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.