Hayato Hyuuga
Name Hayato
Reddit Username /u/buttvortex
Nickname n/a
Gender Male
Age 19
Status Alive
Height 5'11
Weight 170 lbs
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Hyuuga
Family Toshio Hyuuga (brother)
Ninja Rank Genin
Classification B-Class
Team 15
Occupation n/a
Nature Type(s) Wind Release


Personality Edit

Hayato is an optimistic, friendly, regular guy. He enjoys his laid-back life, but is very serious when dangerous situations arise. He excels under pressure. He's a chronic procrastinator who has to be encouraged to do work.

Hayato has a soft spot for women. The best way to distract him is with a pretty face and a set of... never mind. Nothing can distract him more than a flirty female.

Background Edit


Hayato was born into a branch family of the Hyuuga Clan. He is the fifth son of the branch's leader, so there isn't a whole lot of pressure on him to perform. His older brothers and sisters are all accomplished ninjas, and he is expected to follow in their footsteps. Hayato doesn't take an interest in the politics of the Clan or the village, just the task ahead of him.

Combat Style Edit

Hayato is skilled in the techniques of the Hyuuga: Gentle Fist Taijutsu. He specializes in quick and close combat, with his distance capabilities lying in kunai, shuriken, and the bow slung over his shoulder.

Wind Release Ninjutsu is a developing work in progress for Hayato, exemplified by a few potent jutsu that utilize the overwhelming power of air. These techniques are sometimes combined with the Gentle Fist for additional lethality.


Body Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Strength 2.5
Speed 3.5
Mind 2.5
Chakra 2.5


Total 13.5

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 2.5
Ninjutsu 3.5


Total 6

Techniques Edit

Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams: Rotation

Wind Style: Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams: Air Palm

Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams: 27 Palm

Wind Style: Wind Blade

Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams: Gentle Pulse

Wind Style: Sniper

Gentle Whirlwind

Eagle Strike

Gentle Finish

Angel's Landing

Gentle Fist: Tenketsu Turmoil

Items Edit

Ryo: 29700 Ryo

Kunai (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Shuriken (∞): A standard ninja throwing tool made from Iron.

Fuma Shuriken (1): Windmill of Death!

Explosive Tags (5): Boom Boom Boom.

Smoke Bombs (3): Poof!

Flash Bombs (1): Flashbang Out!

Konoha Bingo Book vol. II (1): Bounty Hunter in Training

Civil Bounty Book vol. I (1)