Fo Sarutobi
Name Fo Sarutobi
Reddit Username /u/FoSarutobi
Nickname n/a
Gender Male
Age 19
Status Alive
Height 6'3
Weight 185 lbs
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Sarutobi
Family None
Ninja Rank Genin
Classification B-Class
Team Squad 14, formerly 16 (disbanded)
Occupation n/a
Nature Type(s) Fire Release

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Fo is a tall and muscular 19-year-old. His Sarutobi genes grant him a handsome face and tanned skin. He wears a red tank top which accentuates his toned torso and arms. He has the Sarutobi Clan symbol tattooed to his left bicep.

Personality Edit

Fo is easily described as 'the strong, silent type'. He communicates only the bare minimum, or whatever is necessary for the current mission. He refuses to open up about his past or his feelings. Fo prefers to do the task given to him and then leave to go wherever he wants. He follows orders without question.

Fo's commitment to Konoha and his own Will of Fire is very strong. He trusts and would die for almost everyone in the village, and will protect his comrades no matter what.

Background Edit

He doesn't wanna talk about it.

At least, that's what he's said to anybody who has asked. Nobody seems to know who his parents are or where he was before he joined the academy at age 19.

Combat Style Edit

Fo's fists are categorized as weapons by the Leaf Village armory. His taijutsu combat style is reminiscent of boxing. He uses powerful swings and jabs to knock down his opponents' defenses. His taijutsu is now often substituted with nintaijutsu, as he's able to use Fire Release to literally spice up his knockout moves.

He has a natural Sarutobi affinity for Fire Nature chakra, and his Sarutobi techniques are strong enough to evaporate Water Style jutsu. Fo has even found a way to use his elemental skills to fly like Iron Man.

Fo established a Summoning contract with a young gorilla named Harambe, and can bring the ape's brute strength into any fight within seconds.


Body Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Strength 3.5
Speed 2.5
Mind 1.5
Chakra 2.5


Total 12.5

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 3.5
Ninjutsu 3.5


Total 7