Epsilon 32 is the largest, and by far the most expensive resort in the world, bordering on the size of a small city. Located on Jiro island, the entire country is, and always has remained, outside of any and all Hidden Village jurisdiction and/or protection. With scenery made mostly from marble and stone, and accompanied by luscious greenery, Epsilon 32 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Despite having no Hidden Village acting as it's military, Epsilon 32 is home to some of the strongest military personnel in the world. Comprised of Rogue ninja, Elite Ex-Mercenaries and highly-trained law enforcement, Epsilon 32 is known as The Golden Fortress; a reference to both it's impenetrability and luxury.

Before you think about heading on down to Jiro Island to spend some time in the lap of luxury, keep in mind; Epsilon 32 is open only by invitation only - and invitations? Well, they go for about 1 Million Ryo each.

Background Edit

Founded and owned by the extremely wealthy, yet reserved tycoon known as Hamelin Piper, Epsilon 32's existence was completely unknown to the world outside of Jiro Island until the completion of it's construction.

Having faced attempts at raids after raids by bandits, pirates, and even Sunagakure, Epsilon 32 has stood tall and proud without ever letting a single unwanted enemy into the resort area.

Things of Note Edit

  • The resort tower has 32 floors that get more luxurious the higher up they are.
  • Beneath the sea bed surrounding the island is a material known as "Sea Putty". As the name implies, it's a smiley, clay-like material that hardens instantly under mild heat. Once set, it's almost unbreakable.
  • Home to the Golden Colosseum, a large arena made entirely of gold, where people fight for the entertainment of the crowd. Death-matches are rarely ever held here if ever.
  • The Sea-Salt Springs reside toward the back of the resort. The water in these hot-springs has the strange property of ultra-relaxation; relaxing the muscles to a wonderful, jelly-like state.
  • Epsilon 32 is home to one of the largest water parks in the world - wow!
  • A virtually endless entertainment experience - from shopping malls to entertainment lounges and upper-class bars; Epsilon 32 does it best.

Noteworthy NPC's Edit

  • Hamelin Piper - Epsilon 32 Resort owner.

Player Activity Edit

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