Elysion comes from the very heart of the land of fire. His family was known best as a group of craftsmen always able to make something from nothing other than hard work. The Kajiya clan worked for what they had and specifically had a power passed down through the first head of the clan. The first head found their affinity from chakra was very strange and learned that their unique ability was perfect for crafting armor and weapons out of pure chakra. It was insisted that every member of the clan be forced to learn this to protect themselves and their land from outsiders. Elysion practiced very hard at shaping his chakra into a suitable form before he decided to pursue the path of becoming a true shinobi. He only managed to perfect his guantlets but figured trial by fire was a good way to learn other armaments.


Elysion is a very confident guy that is pretty sure of his own abilities. He tries his best to trust people but still has trouble believing everything that is any different than what he grew up learning. He doesn't really relax often enough and its rare to see him really at peace. He is a pretty straight shooter and always speaks what is on his mind should he trust someone enough, otherwise he will try to avoid the subject entirely.


Elysion is a fairly tall well built man. He takes care of his body but has a calm look on his face most of the time. He has noticeable green hair as well as golden eyes. His clothes are black with a scarf tucked into his shirt for just a little bit of flair.

Combat Style Edit

Elysion strikes surely at a closer range where he prefers to fight at. He crafts armor from his chakra supply and uses that as he fights to augment his strikes as well as offer some form of protection should the armor be fine enough. He is also able to craft weapons which he also uses in his fights.

Technique StatsEdit

Taijutsu: 5

Ninjutsu: 20

Genjutsu: 5

Body StatsEdit

Strength: 10

Speed: 8

Mind: 10

Chakra: 12

Control: 10

Items Edit

Smoke bomb(5): A bomb that lets it smoke when it explodes. Good for escaping and hiding.

Weapon: (Optional)

Ryo: 0


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