Danmaku Nara
Name Danmaku
Reddit Username run by /u/skyzvalid
Nickname n/a
Gender Male
Age 41
Status Alive
Height 6'1
Weight 278 lbs
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Nara
Family Unknown
Ninja Rank Jonin
Classification A-Class
Team n/a
Occupation Academy Instructor
Nature Type(s) Fire, Yin, Yang

Personality Edit

Danmaku is the strictest hardass teacher you've ever had. Fun is not a word in his vocabulary. As an academy instructor and occasional jonin team leader, Danmaku has a long history of dealing with youngsters. He can smell bullshit from a mile away and knows exactly how to deal with unruly kids.

Background Edit

Danmaku is a prominent member of the Nara Clan and proudly keeps their secrets close. In addition to teaching new ninja at the academy, he regularly advises young Nara shinobi as they learn Shadow Possession techniques early on.

Combat Style Edit

He is described as a double Konoha shinobi by some. He possesses extreme proficiency with Nara Shadow techniques, which is one of the most well-kept secrets in the Leaf. On top of that, Danmaku's Fire Style jutsu expertise reflects the strength and fury of the country he lives in.


Body Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Strength 2
Speed 1.5
Mind 3
Chakra 2.5


Total 13.5

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 2
Ninjutsu 4.5


Total 8