Dancho Akimichi
Name Dancho
Reddit Username Unknown
Gender Male
Age 16
Status Alive
Height 5'11"
Weight 200
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Akimichi
Family Akimichi
Ninja Rank Genin
Classification D-Rank
Team n/a
Occupation N/A
Nature Type(s) Unknown


Dancho was born into the Akimichi clan where he learned the calorie based hiden of his clan. When the clan joined the village, Dancho was enrolled in the academy by his parents in hopes of him being an excellent student. He seemed to focus all his attention on preventing that though. He ditched class often to play outdoors and adventure. It was during those ditch days that Dancho would work on his fighting style by brawling with the other boys that chose to skip class. Eventually, through much nagging by his parents and a little bit of miracle, Dancho graduated the academy and became a genin.


Like most Akimichi, Dancho is prone to snacking even at inappropriate times. Other than that, Dancho is loud and foul-mouthed. He is always willing to speak his mind or pick a fight, usually the latter. He enjoys to spend most of his time outdoors. He was never one to pay attention in class and didn't practice his techniques outside of class. His fighting style reflects this. Those who can endure his rather obnoxious attitude will find faithful friend who would do anything to protect them.


For an Akimichi, Dancho is rather fit with noticeable muscles. He is larger than most of those around his age even before taking advantage of his clan's techniques. He often wears blue clothes usually coupled with a bandanna, a long sash around his waist, and boots. The clothes are visibly worn and tattered around the edges reflecting Dancho's active lifestyle. He wears his forehead protector on a bandanna covering his head. He carries his axe and ninja tools on leather straps over his shirt and around his waist.

Combat Style Edit

Dancho is an unrefined powerhouse. He puts all his weight into his attacks to deal maximum damage instead of worrying about things such as technique and precision. Even when he uses his axe, he just swings it around with little skill. He keeps his axe sharp though to take complete advantage of the weight behind his swings.


Stat Gains
Link Technique Gain Body Gain
1 Link 4 4
2[1] 5 5
Total 9 9

Technique Stats Edit

Technique stats determines how good you are at certain ways of fighting. You will get better ranks at techniques when you put more Points into a certain stat. You have 30 Points to spend on these stats when create your shinobi. If your character is a weapon user you should put Points into Taijutsu to increase their knowledge of kenjutsu

Read more about Technique stats here









Body Stats Edit

Body stats measures you characters combat ability. How well your character is doing at certain things. You might want to focus in Strength or be a hybrid and put equal amount of Points in the stats. You have 50 Points to spend on these stats.

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Chakra: 10
Control: 10



Items Edit

Link Ryo Gain Ryo Loss Item Gain Item Loss
Link 500 n/a Example n/a
Total: 500 Ryo

Here you will fill in your characters items. Edit this part only if starting with a weapon. Please keep track f any items that you use that aren't replenishable at the end of a fight, such as smoke bombs.

Kunai(10): A standard ninja throwing tool. These replenish at the end of every battle

Shuriken(10): A standard ninja throwing tool. These replenish at the end of every battle

Smoke bomb(5): A bomb that lets it smoke when it explodes. Good for escaping and hiding.

Weapon: Hand Axe

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