Some information about the clans Edit

First off, a clan is a family. The family name is a big part of Naruto and we have some own rules towards that. When creating a character, you should try to keep within the Konoha clans or an original created clan. This makes it easier since we are hoping to have people come from different villages in the future aswell.

Uchiha Edit

This is maybe the most popular clan in the Naruto series. And since every Uchiha in the series is so powerful compared to the others, we have dacided to nerf them. So, you will not start off with sharingan. It is not going to happen at your genin time. We know that people may dislike this but it is the best we can do to balance it out and not make all the Uchihas super powerful once they hit Jonin level.

Hyuuga Edit

A noble clan with two different kind of families. Hyuuga will start off with Byakuugan. Since it doesn't evolve in power the same way that the sharingan does it will be balanced out. Hyuugas might have the upperhand at the early stages of the roleplay but later on people will catch up and find a way to beat the byakuugan.

Aburame Edit

You wanna talk to bugs? You can, but you can only have one kind of bug inside your body. That's right. One type of bug to host with your body. You will be able to improve the bugs later on but at the start they will have one type of power primary (Kikaichu eat chakra for example). The male and female can do different stuff (Kikaichu males can search for the females. Like a tracking device.) You can also create your own bug if you want to.

Orginial Clan Edit

You wanna do your own clan? That is cool. But make sure to not use any kekkei genkai that comes from another village. Right now we are in Konoha so try to keep it that way. We want the other powers to go to their villages for plot and maybe future creations. So if you want a kekkei genkai for your clan, you have to come up with a totally new idea that haven't been seen in the Naruto series.