Something, Something Food.
Name Chokenshi Akimichi
Reddit Username Unknown
Nickname *Insert Every Fat Nickname, ever*
Gender Male
Age 15
Status Alive
Height 5'7
Weight ERROR+e1012120 (225 Pounds)
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Akimichi
Family Akimichi
Ninja Rank Genin
Classification D-Class
Team n/a
Occupation Genin
Nature Type(s) Unknown


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Personality Edit

Awkward, enigmatic, and punctually sarcastic. He's usually not much for words, and finds it harder to communicate with others. Although the Akimichi can find cases where he can open up to certain people of interest. He is not usually sensitive about his weight, but he does tend to have the Akimichi Rowdiness from time to time.


Background Edit

What makes a person tick? Aren't you ever curious what happened to somebody to make them the person they are today?

These are some of the questions quite a few people in Chokenshi's life have asked. Both teachers and adults are left wondering, while most make a quick judgment of his shortcomings.. A once peppy child turned scared, and then jaded through a series of bullies, complications at home, and other sob story events. He had become sort of an enigma wrapped in sarcasm. Nothing had ever seemed to turn his way, nor did he catch a break. 

Gradually his grades, and care had dropped to the point he was a bum, and had failed out of the Academy not once, but twice. Although he did put into the effort to learn it, he never seemed to preform well when the time came. With the threat of his Shinobi career at risk he had to pass it or else. The clan lifestyle had pressured him into caring more, and with shining colors he passed the third one.

The boy refuses to accept he has a sob story, 0r anything worth talking about. He now goes about his Shinobi career seeking to do as little as possible, being just the right amount of lazy.

Combat Style Edit

He tends to be more methodical to fighting than his kin to the say the least. As the Akimichi are slow, he's learned to take openings from teammates, and capitalize on enemies mistakes. as he needs them and goes in for bursty, hard, and brutal hits as per the Akimichi way. RAHHH! POUND IT INTO THE GROUND!


Body Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Strength 15 1.5
Speed 8 0.5
Mind 7 0.5
Chakra 10 1



Total 50 4.5

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Level Card Data
Taijutsu 10 0.5
Ninjutsu 20 1



Total 30 1.5

Items Edit

Ryo: 1000 Ryo

Kunai (10): A standard ninja throwing tool. These replenish at the end of every thread.

Shuriken (10): A standard ninja throwing tool. These replenish at the end of every thread.

An Iron Gauntlet: A single piece of armor that covers the entire right arm, and hand with the iron gauntlet included. It's excels are blocking Taijutsu hits easier, and even good for engaging bladed weapons to lessen the damage, and lead. Typically worn on the dominant arm.