Boroko Namiashi
Name Boroko
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Nickname n/a
Gender Male
Age 46
Status Alive
Height 5'11
Weight 184 lbs
Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Namiashi
Family Gilluna (wife)

Benko (son)

Ninja Rank Jonin
Classification A-Class
Occupation Medical Nin
Nature Type(s) Water

Background Edit

Boroko Namiashi is one of the lead Medical-Nin in the Hidden Leaf Village. He and his wife, Gilluna, are both jonin who help manage the Konoha Hospital. They perform the most complex medical procedures and even report to the Hokage on occasion. Both Namiashi adults are known for their expertise in medical ninjutsu. Boroko is responsible for teaching healing techniques to both the hospital staff and medical shinobi/kunoichi who work in squads.

The Namiashi Clan is a small one, really more of a family at this point. The leader of the clan allied with the Leaf Village soon after its founding, and the clans-people found prosperity within. Boroko's father was that leader, and he left the clan in his eldest son's capable hands when he died. Boroko's advancements in medical ninjutsu have made the Namiashi name a respected one in Konoha.


Boroko wears the standard Konoha medical uniform, to every detail. He does so to make sure the hospital staff can see him as one of them. Boroko is, after all, a medical ninja; so he dresses like one.

Personality Edit

Boroko is a kind and efficient leader and healer. He believes in achieving whatever is best for the patient, using whatever means necessary and as little time as possible. He ensures this by giving his staff everything they need to save lives, including his encouragement. Boroko is the master of pep-talks.

Boroko cares a lot about his only son, Benko. He wants nothing more than for Benko to follow in his footsteps and surpass him in his medical ninjutsu prowess. He puts nearly all his free time into molding Benko into a compassionate and proficient doctor.

Combat Style Edit

When he does have to use his medical ninjutsu for offense, Boroko is a force to be reckoned with. He can mold the chakra that is expelled from his hands into sharp blades of energy, which are called "Chakra Scalpel"s. This technique is very similar to the Hyuuga Gentle Fist Style in that it attacks the internal organs of its target. It takes a lot of skill for a medical-nin to put somebody back together and save a life... doing the opposite is easy.

Additionally, Boroko is adept in Water Style Ninjutsu. One of his signature healing techniques involves flowing his chakra into water while it circulates through a patient's body.


Body Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Strength 1
Speed 1.5
Mind 3.5
Chakra 3.5


Total 14

Technique Stats Edit

Stats Card Data
Taijutsu 1.5
Ninjutsu 4.5


Total 6