Asura Hakko is a kunoichi from Konohagakure and a Genin-Rank ninja.

Personality Edit

Asura is self-confident and independent, she is polite to her superiors and compassionate towards her peers, however, she is rude and condescending to those she believe are inferior.

Coming from the Hakko clan, she is a calm and mature woman for her age. She trains hard to become part of Konoha's ANBU like her father. Despite this, Asura has a playful and feminine side that she tries to hide as she is easy to get worked up.

In battle, Asura is the nothing like the others of her clan. She is ruthless, she is cunning and she will use anything at her disposal to win a fight. Her attitude is displayed during fights as she taunts and humiliates her opponents before ending it.

She idolizes the swordsmen from Kirigakure, holding her blade like them and trying to become one of the greatest swordswomen of Konoha.

Background Edit

Asura is the bastard child of Akemi Hakko, a female ANBU of Konoha. Akemi had a relationship with a man from outside of Konoha, when she became pregnant she had to end the relationship, leaving Akemi to raise Asura herself. To protect her reputation, Asura's mother left her with her aunt and uncle, a retired ANBU and a ninja tool specialist.

She does not know the identity of her father, only knowing he died before anyone knew her mother was pregnant. Her mother is still an active ANBU ninja, only seeing her on a few occasions.

Asura shares the same goal as all young shinobi from her clan, becoming part of the ANBU. Her idolization of the Kirigakure swordsmen came from her aunt's stories of them and their proficiency of the Silent Killing technique. She believes if she can emulate their ruthless style of combat, she will excel as a ninja.

Stats Edit

Body Stats Card Data Level
Strength 1 11
Speed 1 13
Mind 0.5 5
Chakra 1 10
Control 1 11
TOTAL 4.5 30
Stat Level Card Data
Taijutsu 20 1
Ninjutsu 10 0.5
0 0
TOTAL 30 1.5
Maximum Rank 6 D

Items Edit

Ryo Reusables Consumables
Ryo 1000 Kunai Explosive Tags 10
Ryo Earned 0 Shuriken Smoke Bombs 5
Ryo Lost 0 Senbon 0 Flash Bombs 5
Fūma Shuriken 0
Ninja Wire 0

1 - Iron Sword